Outlander Teaser Kiss

Are you watching “Outlander” on Starz? I haven’t read the series by Diana Gabaldon but after watching the first few episodes I added the first book into my hold queue at the library (44 and counting).

The preview for next week’s episode of “Outlander” ended with this tease. I made a gif for your viewing pleasure.

Outlander Teaser Kiss

His smile at the end is everything.

The trailer edit is perfect. It built to this intense moment (“IT’S ALL … BEEN LEADING … TO THIS”) and as Jamie leans in for the kiss Claire stops it with a question. And he smiles.

His breath is gorgeous here. I’m a sucker for the quiet space when a performer breathes. It pulls me right into the intimacy of that moment.

If you have a good example of breath in prose, I’d love to hear it.